Friday, April 30, 2010


Mother's Day is May 6th and will be here before you can say "mom used to chase me with a switch", which is exactly what she might do if you forget her on her day! If you want to keep in the good standing of being her "favorite", then you might want to come by the garden market for some great Mother's Day specials.

We can help you find just the right thing that would make your mother proud. Flower arrangements, gift baskets, flowering and non flowering plants, rose bushes, fruit trees, garden decorations and fixtures or even gift certificates are just a few of many gift options.
Having just unloaded 3 trucks full of all kinds of flowering plants, shrubs, trees and you name it, there should be no problem finding just the right thing that would honor your mom on her day.

So come by now while the selection is good and you have time to shop and make your choices. You can either pick it up yourself right before Mother's Day or we can deliver it for you. Either way you can't go wrong with beautiful flowering gifts from the "Twins". Come by today!

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